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Pat & Terry Meyer

Bloomfield, Borlard, Drouilard, LeBlanc, Mayrand, Chippewa (Ojibway) Indian history, Vowed & Non Vowed religious of the Mayrand Family


Julie Mayrand

Mayrand, Sinn, Studer, Ward Famlies


Lionel Mayrand

Mayrand, Lebel, Kelley, McClintock


Ed Champoux

Champoux Family Family Site
Mary Ann Mickey

Rivard Family

Asociation Perch-Amerique
Jacquie Scherr


Mayotte, Maillot, Mailhiot, Mailhot

Particularly those in Upper Peninsula of Michigan; Vancouver, B.C.; Alberta, Canada; and Greenbay, Wisconsin areas.

The Mayrand Family Association is Calafornia not-for-profit 501c 3 corporation. Volunteer expenses maybe tax deductable, there is no tax deduction for research time. A reciept of contribution is required, just exchange a GED file and commit to helping update the family tree.



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