How to Help

1) Submit information to this site or the reasearcher nearest
to you. We know time is hard to find, you don't have to write all the information, send what you can.  We will be happy to mail you free paper worksheets to help you get started. You can download our family database  in GED format, or make a $25.00 tax deductable donation to the Mayrand Family Association and we will send you a cd with all the data in both GED and FTW formats.  Be sure you tell us what version you are using or prefer. We really like it when you can submit your reasearch in FTW or GED file format. Each electronic or paper entry provided expands our knowledge of the family.

2) Update or correct the data about you and your family. You can Email or write us with the changes.  We would appreciate address and telephone numbers.  No salesperson will call, but you might get a call from a cousin.  We do not share our address or Email outside the family.

3) Subscribe to the Mayrand mailing list and tell others about our efforts. Share some of this information with others in your family.

4) Do lookups for other researchers, a short visit to city, county, state or geneology records can be of great help to researchers out of state. Post your reasearch interests or your willingess to help on this site.

5) Help us keep this site bilingual and error free. We need volunteers to be responsable for ocassional translation of updated pages and new pages as they are added. The translations can be done in text format or html format, whatever is easier for you.  Many of the pages on this site will be in our (who knows when) second edition book about the Mayrand's. Lionel Mayrand's mother use to say "When a Mayrand tells you they are going to do something, you can count on it. You just don't when it will get done." We promise you will not be overworked this is a low key project. As changes are made in the site, we need some help to be sure all the links work and the darn thing is spelled right.  Let us know when you find and error.

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